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  • Tour De France 2017 Team Sponsors Quiz

    How good is your pro cycling knowledge? Give our Tour de France quiz a crack! After the success of our UCI World Pro Tour Teams Quiz, we thought we’d update it to include all the teams riding the 2017 Tour…

  • How About a Cargo Bike for getting around London?

    Living in London as we do, what’s the point in having a car? They’re expensive, polluting and not a lot of fun. They are, however, probably the second best way to transport bikes to races, granted. We’ll let you off then. But for…

  • Hub Vélo: the only Flagship Cinelli Dealer in London

    We’re delighted to announce that Hub Vélo are now London’s only Cinelli Flagship Store! 

    We love Cinelli bikes for their raw Italian passion. Some companies move away from their past, whereas Cinelli embrace and learn from their history, and look to their future.This…

  • Do you know what The UCI Cycling World Tour Team Sponsors sell?

    Based on a conversation we had in the pub last night (Beer is slightly isotonic, right?), Gav knocked up this quiz.

    Can you name what the UCI World Tour Cycling Team sponsors sell? No… neither could we!