Brooks Saddles Now Available to buy in East London

The death of Joseph Brooks’ horse in Birmingham back in 1878 was doubtless a sad event. Luckily for us, it prompted young Mr Brooks to try out a new-fangled form of transport – the bicycle. As I’m sure we can all empathise, he found the saddle on his shiny new bike to be akin to sitting on top of a fence. Rather than just complain about it or decide to HTFU, he took the fortunate decision to make a better, more comfortable bike saddle. The legendary Brooks Leather Saddle was born.

What relevance is this to us, you may ask? “You can’t buy Brooks saddles at Hub Vélo‽” you may say. Well, we’re super-stoked to say that as of October 2017, you can! We are now an official Brooks dealer. As youngsters we drooled over the classics like the B17 to now be able to stock the full range is really exciting.  Offering the range of legendary saddles from the original leather saddles through to the modern rubber and cotton Cambium saddles from our bike shop in East London. If you’d like to find out more, pop down and see us.

Brooks saddles have always been popular on ‘city’ bikes, for their comfort, durability and also traditional good looks. Those in the know have often chosen Brooks saddles for long distance bike riding, touring and randonneuring, the B17 and C17 are amongst the most comfortable saddles known to humankind once broken in.

Friend of the shop, Gav Hudson tells us his story:
I was out on our Hub Vélo Strade Bianche ride, when the subject of saddles came up. Another rider offered to lend me a spare Brooks Cambium C15. I took him up on the offer and fitted his to my bike. I went on a few decent rides up to 150km and really couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. Sure the saddle felt reasonably comfy, but I just didn’t notice much to justify shelling out for a new (fairly expensive) bike saddle. The time came for me to give the saddle back. No big deal. I fitted my trusty old saddle and went on an 80km club run. OH MY GOD. Compared to the Cambium it felt like sitting on sandpaper. I immediately went out and purchased a Cambium C15c.

Due to scheduling issues, I didn’t have time to test the saddle before a 400km Audax I had planned for the day after. People told me I was crazy for putting a new saddle on my bike before such a big ride, but all I knew was that I couldn’t go back to my old saddle. I set off on the ride, a little nervous, and finished 24 hours later absolutely shattered, but happy to still be sat on the seat. Definitely the best money I’ve ever spent on my bike.
If you’d like to test a saddle for yourself or you were looking for a Brooks saddle dealer in London, well, now you know where to come. See you down the shop or out on the road.