How About a Cargo Bike for getting around London?

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Living in London as we do, what’s the point in having a car? They’re expensive, polluting and not a lot of fun. They are, however, probably the second best way to transport bikes to races, granted. We’ll let you off then. But for around town, how about adopting a more European attitude to transportation? How about getting a cargo bike?

Now, you’re probably thinking that they’re slow – and that’s why we’ve got the superb Danish-made Omnium cargo bike in stock. Built with classic Danish sensibilities they’re fast, light and super practical for getting your stuff around town. Hyper-adaptable, the front rack can turn it’s hand to shopping, deliveries, or even taking the kids to school. 

We’ve got one at our bike shop in Clapton, and we love zipping around town, delivering bikes, bits and even people on occasion! Road tested by our mechanics we can confirm you can whizz them over Tower Bridge thanks to SRAM X5 10spd gears, take the tight turns with remote steering and dodge pedestrians on the Narrow Way in Hackney all while carrying two bikes, 4 boxes of parts and a toolkit. It’s rumoured Mike can even bunny-hop it.

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We’ve sold a few Omnium Cargo Bikes that have been seen zipping up and down the Lee Valley delivering supplies to the boaties (how else do you get all your clobber to your canal boat?), and through London Fields taking kids to school, why not join the fun? If you’d like to find out more about getting a cargo bike, or take one for a spin – pop in to our bike shop and see us! We’re just in Lower Clapton near Clapton pond and are open 8am until 7pm most days for bike repairs and sales.