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    Gary Boyd

    C- Ride for this Saturday

    About 75km



    Kevin Whitlock

    SATURDAY RIDES 08/12/2018

    Reminder: HUB VELO Christmas Party Thursday 13/12/2018 The Crooked Billet 19:30 till late.

    A – RIDE 9AM from Shop.
    Ride Leader @⁨Celvin⁩ – DROP RIDE – 90KM – 30kph (19mph)
    Cafe stop at Mayfield Bakery.

    B – RIDE 9.05AM from Shop.
    Ride Lead @⁨Stephen⁩ – NON-DROP – 90KM – 26-27kph (16.5mph)
    Cafe Stop at Norton Heath

    C – RIDE 9.10AM from shop
    Ride Leader @⁨Gary Boyd⁩ – NON DROP – 75KM – 24kph (15mph) No TT bikes allowed!
    Time Trialists don’t do cafe stops. Just service stations.

    Weather BBC (check before leaving)
    Saturday 10am Epping
    Cloudy – 10 degrees – 17mph Westerly wind. Watch out if your running deep section wheels.

    Kev’s top tips.
    Winter clothing is essential this time of year, and with jumps in temperature from one weekend to the next it’s hard to choose what to wear week-in week-out. Unless it’s absolutely freezing, I would recommend multiple thin layers for your top half under a cycling jacket. This way you can stripe off layers as required mid ride. Bottom half, a decent pair of thermal full length cycling bib tights.
    For freezing conditions, think twice before riding, do you have enough winter cycling clothing to go out in.
    If you do commit to going out, thermal layers are the best option imo with a high cut thermal full length cycling bib tights.

    If you find you are cold on a ride, advise the ride leader or someone in the group so they can keep an eye on you, if you feel you are not warming up and getting colder. Tell the ride leader of the situation so they can make a decision.

    Signs of Hyperthermia

    * First stage: shivering, reduced circulation;
    * Second stage: slow, weak pulse, slowed breathing, lack of co-ordination, irritability, confusion and sleepy behaviour;
    * Advanced stage: slow, weak or absent respiration and pulse.

    Enjoy your Rides !!!!


    Gary Boyd


    Just a thought I am always displaying irritability – am I Stage Two Hypothermic?



    Kevin Whitlock


    I’m not a Doctor so wouldn’t like to say. But! Do you show any other signs: Being over 45, ride Bikes, have teenage children, see someone younger – thinner and more attractive when you look in the mirror, consider all new music to be crap, most of the world population to be generally annoying (except HV members), find it hard to see the silver lining in anything.

    If you answer yes to any of these, I would say your just getting old mate.

    Kev (Mr missable)


    Kevin Whitlock

    And don’t even mention Christmas!

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