Hub Vélo Coffee – Cycling Café Clapton

Back in March 2016 we expanded hence creating a bigger Hub Vélo with a coffee shop and room for all the new customers and ever expanding club.

As with all our plans we wanted to keep it simple, good vibes, good coffee and great cakes.

All our cakes and cookies are homemade by Iva and Lauren. We are constantly varying the selection often with vegan and gluten free options and we also make our own organic energy bars. We have now started savoury food, lunch rolls, which we produce fresh every day with vegetarian choices. Soon you will be able to find some of Iva’s recipes on this site… they are amazing ! Follow the latest bakes on our Instagram – @hubvelo – or look at some of Iva’s latest recipes here: 

Coffee and Walnut Cake
Home Energy Bars

Our coffee is supplied by Union, ethically sourced and roasted just a stones throw away in Newham. We brew Bright Note, come and try, we think its the best.

There is seating for 18, all are welcome you might find yourself sitting next to a muddy cyclist or if your lucky one of our chums from the pro peloton. All of us love our bike racing, and on our big screen constantly playing is the best racing from around the world, whether its the track racing from the Ghent six Day, Cyclocross from Belgium, or stages from a grand tour.

There will always be something for you to enjoy and debate with others.