Hub Velo are an Official Brompton Dealer in Hackney

  • The 8th Fastest Brompton In the World

It’s come to our attention that despite being a Brompton dealer for nearly a year now, we hadn’t mentioned it on our website. Whoops. We’re also an accredited Brompton Service Centre.
Perhaps it’s because we’re too busy riding and looking at Bromptons every day! We love the Brompton, it’s possibly the best choice of commuting bike if you live in the area. Why is the Brompton so good?
  • Nearly theft proof. We see quite a lot of bike crime in London, and in many places it’s not a good idea to leave nice new bike chained up. What’s the solution if you don’t want to ride a rickety old boneshaker? Easy, get a Brompton. Fold it up and take it inside, and everywhere you go!
  • Great to ride. Honestly. People worry about the ‘little wheels’ until they actually ride one. The ride quality is fab, with a bit of suspension and the long seatpost and stem to soak up bumps, and the small wheels spin up to speed really quickly and get you moving.
  • Flexible transport decisions. Not sure if you’re going out after work? What if it rains? What if you have a late meeting or need to take a train somewhere. Not a problem. You can take your Brompton on all public transport or taxis for no charge at any time, including the tube even at rush hour. Your train gets into Dalston Junction and you’re not sure whether to change or get a bus back to Hackney? Not a problem, just use your Brompton to get to the station or across Hackney Downs.
  • Great British Manufacturing. Made in Britain, and really high quality. We regularly see and service Bromptons that are up to 20 years old and still going strong.
  • Sound Financial Investment. It’s not often we can (honestly) say this about a bike, but Bromptons hardly depreciate. A brand new one might cost £1000, and after 2 years will sell for £900. A 5 year old one will sell for £700 quite often. If you’ve bought your Brompton on the…
  • Cycle to Work Scheme. You might pay as little as £600 for a £1000 bike which is worth £900 after 2 years. Makes sense, eh?
  • Stylish. You can totally customise your Brompton and spec it however you want. We would usually go for the 3 or 6 speed M type, but it’s up to you!
If you’d like to find out more, or test ride a Brompton, just pop into our shop near Clapton Pond and we’ll happily take you through it (and show you how to fold your bike!). You can even see (or buy) the very bike that Mike raced to 8th in the Brompton World Championships!