Reviewing the Resolution

So it’s day seven in the Big 2015 House and it is surely time to at least have an idea about how well the resolutions, made so boldly (and for the first time so publicly,) are going. Well, the carrots haven’t had a look in. I don’t even think I’ve seen one. Not even an old shriveled one at the back of the fridge, so that resolution just drives on same as it ever was. Makes you proud to be me! Anyway I got on the scales this morning and there is good news and bad news. I’m not sure which order you usually prefer it but I always like the good news first. The good news is that the scales are calibrated, accurate and functioning perfectly well. I know this as a result of the bad news having stood on them for the requisite amount of time the digital readout told me I had put on a kilogram. So I picked up the scales shook them, removed the battery, reset it, stood on them again, hit them, checked all the little sensor things and shook it some more. Left it for five minutes while I looked for the instructions in a drawer downstairs and returned with a sharp point to reset them. Concluded this and stood on them again for the requisite time ….. 1.5kg heavier. Back to the fridge for solace. Oh and by the way I haven’t done any stretching this week. Anyway at least the miles are rolling by and if I can manage just 300km by this Saturday I will have hit my target of 400…. ….in the words of the great Kenneth Williams ”oh what’s the bloody point?”