Service & RepairsKeeping you spinning!

At Hub Velo we happily service all kinds of bikes. From shiny new road bikes, to old bikes you want to keep on the road. Between our team we’ve got experience working on everything from tandems, tricycles, time trial bikes, titanium bikes, track bikes through to old Triumphs, Treks, Terns and Thorns. And that’s just the T’s! We’re happy working on MTB’s, Bromptons (we are an approved Brompton Service Centre), Steel bikes, road bikes, carbon bikes, cyclocross bikes and really anything at all. We’ve even been known to repair the odd wheelchair or pram!

If you need a puncture repaired, we always aim to do that on the spot and it costs just £11 including the cost of the inner tube for most bikes. No need to book, just pop in and we’ll sort you out while you grab a coffee in our cafe.

For more complicated repairs or servicing, we prefer you to book to ensure we’ve got the time to do a proper job. The best way to do this is to pop into the shop and we can give you an idea of what kind of repairs or service you need. Then you can book (usually a day or two in advance) either by phone, in person or email. If you’ve got an emergency, feel free to drop by and we’ll see what we can do, though.

We’re open from 8am until 7pm most days, so usually people drop their bike in the morning, and 19 times out of 20 we get it back to them the same day so they can pick it up on the way home.
Unlike most workshops, our main service also includes a clean of your bike so it’ll look sparkly and new. Obviously the cleaner the bike comes to us, the more time we have to spend doing the important stuff, so feel free to give it a rinse down before you come in. Any questions, just drop us a line!

Safety Check
Main Service
Full Service
Bike evaluation
Bike safety check
Tighten bolts, fixings and check the brakes
Check cables, tyres and tyre pressures
Brake and gears checked and adjusted
Small parts fitted
Large parts fitted and adjusted
Bearings checked over
Frame and forks clean
Clean and de-grease the chain, crankset and cassette
Full bearings check (wheels, bottom bracket, headset)
Wheel truing
Total bike strip down, check everything and re-assemble

Bike Fitting

A few measurements and a big enough range for you to try should get you on the machine that’s the right size for you. Remember S,M,L and XL are different things to different manufacturers so pop in for a chat

Bike Build

You’ve got a frame and components and need it built – Internally routed cables £120 and conventionally routed cables £100 (includes free six week check and service)

Safety Check

Bike evaluation and safety check – tighten all bolts and fixing, check and adjust tyre pressures £25

Main Service

Bike evaluation, tighten all bolts and fixing, check and adjust tyre pressures, adjust brakes and gears, small parts fitted, bearings and headset checked, clean frame and degrease chain and cassette – £45 plus cost of parts

Full Service

Complete strip down and reassembly – Bike evaluation, tighten all bolts and fixing, check and adjust tyre pressures, adjust brakes and gears, small parts fitted, bearings and headset checked and serviced, hubs stripped and serviced, wheels trued, clean frame, fork and wheels and degrease chain, crankset and cassette – £95 plus cost of parts

Custom Service

Whatever you need doing to your bike charged at £35 per hour