On the shop website I made a confession that for the first time ever I was not riding an Italian groupset. I’d moved to SRAM’s CX1 for the cross season. Nervously I suggested that God may need to have mercy on my soul. He hasn’t. It has been a poor start to my cross season. I’m useless at cross anyway but never this bad. Until last Sunday I have hit the ground hard every round – spectacularly helmet shatteringly a few weeks back but two weeks ago I realised that God rides Campag . I was gridded way back but the field opened up before me and I jumped four rows in the first twenty metres until some numpty looking at his pedals as he tried to clip in broadsided me from the left. When I got out from under the six other cyclists I was way back but up and running again till I jumped back on and found he’d ripped my tub off and broke my quick release, Two hundred metres and race over. As eighty riders disappeared and I walked back across an Essex field I swear I heard God giggle and sitting at his right Tullio leaned forward and said that he hadn’t invented the quick release to be used on that. I’m sure Tullio stood up and turned his back on me. I sat on the ground and shunned from above as I had predicted I reassessed the season. Twenty minutes later I was still a blank.So as with many things in cycling I ask the question – What would Laurent Fignon do? As a kid I loved Laurent Fignon. Was it the great team kit headbands or the way he rode as a 22 year old to win le Tour deputising for the Badger? Sitting in the grass dazily gazing at the fun to be had I knew Tullio was not happy. Rubbing my WWLFD headband I asked: What would Laurent Fignon do? Bonjour Bonjour Laurent Why, how you say, so fed up? I changed groupsets this season and it hasn’t gone well. Ahhh the Italian curse Qui It goes… but slowly and sometimes it doesn’t go at all. 1989 you mean? We’re not here to talk about me But it still hurts? Of course every day… I look for eight seconds. Boil an egg and I must save eight seconds. Be eight seconds early everywhere i go and – this is not about me. Pardon Laurent. What would you do? I always ask What would Laurent Fignon do? I am honoured and can advise. I would ride my bike it was the only way. Tullio calms down and accepts Shimano after a few months- Laurent I’m on SRAM this season Ah he hates the newcomers, the upstarts, the Americans. What can I do? Nothing you’re screwed. Au revoir mon ami. Bon chance. Eight seconds later the race came passed and I am sure the groupsets laughed. Oh well should just ride my bike